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DIY: Postage Stamp Paper Removal

Stamps 4

When I was a little girl I spent a great deal of time organizing my stamp collection. I had a few penpals and I would save every single stamp that came my way. I got older and stamps became less interesting and in time they ended up in one of my boxes designated “childhood.” While I was cleaning I discovered a treasure trove of used stamps! I am debating if I want to decoupage a key rack or a table top with them.

I had a fun time getting the stamps off of the paper too. I used to do it once a week as a kid. Here is how you can remove them safely for use in crafting projects or collecting.

1. Cut the stamp off of the envelope closely without cutting the actual stamp.

2. Fill a bowl with water. If the stamps are very new, warm water will help the process but if there is any doubt about color fading, cold water is much safer for your stamps.

3. Put the stamps in! I would do small batches of roughly 20 at a time. You don’t want them sitting longer than necessary. I push them under water and stir them occasiaonlly.

4. You will notice that most of the stamps will simply glide off the paper. Some will fall off on their own and others will need some assistance. If they still have some glue, just rub the back gently underwater and it should come off. Modern adhesive can be a pain — just be patient.

5. Set to dry on paper towels, face down. They will curl since they are paper, but when they are mostly dry, I stick them under a large book so they keep shape. All done!


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