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Bright Lights Little City

Heather Well's Bright Lights Little City
How awesome is this. Custom-made lamps from cocktail umbrellas… genious! I just stumbled onto Heather Well’s lamp site (Bright Lights Little City) and I have to say I am duly impressed by her work. I would love one of these pendant lamps for my new kitchen. The construction of them looks lovely and I think one of my favorite aspects of the lamp is that it is aesthetically pleasing either day or night. The lamp is covered is phosphorescent paint so even when not on at night they have a glow to them. See more under the cut.

Heather Well's Bright Lights Little City
She has them in various shapes and sizes and colors as well and I’m sure most people could find something to match any decor. Another favorite aspect of these is the price. The one shown is only $85 dollars. I’m a big fan of hand-crafted items but usually they fall too far outside of my price range. These could definitely be feasible with some crafty budgeting. And talk about an effective conversation piece! She also has very nice cylindrical lamps made from weaving quill paper.

It is amazing the stuff you can come across by “link surfing” through the comments section of other blogs. I found this post on Apartment Therapy today which took me over to an old post at Ikea Hacker… and someone posted the link to Heather Well’s handmade lamps (Bright Lights Little City) in the comment section.

EDIT: I found DIY instructions in the comments section over in a different post from 2006 at Apartment Therapy. I’m tempted to try it!


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