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West Elm

I guess in the designer world, West Elm is on the cheaper side of things. However, for a poor graduate student such as myself, those “cheaper” things are usually too expensive to allow such indulgences. However I was browsing the sale section of West Elm and I found a few nice deals hidden about for under $10. I know Domino often does “10 items for under $_.__” so here is my version of it West Elm Style.

West Elm - Paisley Outdoor Mat
Paisley Outdoor Mat
(Originally $12, now $8.99)

West Elm - Mosaic Pillow
Mosaic Jeweled Pillow
(Originally $29.00, now $9.99)

West Elm - Petal & Frill Print
Petal & Frill Print
(Originally $29.00, now $9.99 ea.)

West Elm - Art Glass Vase Collection
Art Glass Vase Collection
(Originally $12.00-$34.00, now $4.99-$11.99)

West Elm - Dynasty Vases
Dynasty Vases
(Originally $24.00, now $6.99)

West Elm - Artisanal Collection
Artisanal Glass Collection
(Small Bowl: Originally $12.00, now $4.99-9.99)
(Large Pot: Originally $24.00, now $7.99-9.99)

West Elm - Small Bowl Set of 4
Melamine Dinnerware: Small Bowl Set of 4
(Originally $12.00, now $7.99)

West Elm - Raffia Pillow Cover
Solid Raffia Pillow Cover
(Originally $24.00, now $9.99)

West Elm - Velvet Button Pillow Cover
Velvet Button Pillow Cover
(Originally $24.00, now $9.99)

West Elm - Ledge Picture Hanger
Ledge Picture Hangers
(Originally $12.00, now $9.99)

Now go splurge on these great deals before they sell out! West Elm sales usually go decently fast from my experience. My favorite is the large pot in expresso color or the mosaic jeweled pillow. Always some great deals if you look hard enough.


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