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Bookshelves as Art

Photo by chotda
Photo by Flickr User chotda

So there was a post on Apartment Therapy today about color coding a bookshelf and I don’t think anybody can do it with more beauty than the much-blogged about flickr user chotda.

A lot of people look towards such a stylish idea as impractical. As a person who uses books in her line of work, I can definitely hear those complaints loud and clear. However, it really is an interesting work of art when all is said and done. When someone in the comments mentioned a “database” to organize, it hit me.

I use a nifty little piece of mac software called Books. It is a great tool for me to log bibliographical info for my works cited and to admire my massive collection. It allows you to add a photo of the book cover and any other notes you want… Including Location.

Now granted, my collection is not nearly as big as chotda’s but if I happen to forget what a book looked like I could always look up the location via my Books software. It would be your own little card catalogue making the impractical mass a fuctional statement.

Another way to accomplish color gradients in a book shelf without succumbing to disorder? Valerie Madill’s “Looking at Libraries: Defining Space through Content”. They remind me of the Japanese wrap-around advertisements that came on so many of my books. Very innovative — it deserves a peek.


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