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West Elm

I guess in the designer world, West Elm is on the cheaper side of things. However, for a poor graduate student such as myself, those “cheaper” things are usually too expensive to allow such indulgences. However I was browsing the sale section of West Elm and I found a few nice deals hidden about for under $10. I know Domino often does “10 items for under $_.__” so here is my version of it West Elm Style.

West Elm - Paisley Outdoor Mat
Paisley Outdoor Mat
(Originally $12, now $8.99)

West Elm - Mosaic Pillow
Mosaic Jeweled Pillow
(Originally $29.00, now $9.99)

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Bright Lights Little City

Heather Well's Bright Lights Little City
How awesome is this. Custom-made lamps from cocktail umbrellas… genious! I just stumbled onto Heather Well’s lamp site (Bright Lights Little City) and I have to say I am duly impressed by her work. I would love one of these pendant lamps for my new kitchen. The construction of them looks lovely and I think one of my favorite aspects of the lamp is that it is aesthetically pleasing either day or night. The lamp is covered is phosphorescent paint so even when not on at night they have a glow to them. See more under the cut.

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